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Are you looking to develop yourself further in the field of nursing, pastoral care or as a therapist? In two days of training you will learn the principles of Dignity Therapy, its principles, benefits and application – tailored to the everyday needs of patients in your institution.

NEXT COURSE (in German)
24/25 March 2023
Zurich area, Switzerland

A Dignity Therapy course is especially useful for individuals in health and care professions, pastoral caregivers, therapists, and other professionals caring for elderly people or patients in palliative care.


  • Developing a better understanding of patient needs and the personality of each individual

  • Supporting patients in coming to terms with themselves, their illness and their life situation

  • Acknowledging patients' abilities, needs and interests and bolstering self-care

  • Supporting patients and their family by creating a generativity document and increase their sense of purpose and belonging

Program and contents
After an introduction in dignity-related processes, participants learn how to implement Dignity Therapy through applied exercises, role-plays, and case studies. Applied interviewing and editing skills complete a comprehensive preparation.

Please reach out and use the form below or by email me on to contact me.


Drs. Peter Muijres, MSc., PhD. cand.

Psychologist and medical anthropologist 

+41 (0) 79 955 90 90

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