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Supports people with terminal illnesses such as dementia or cancer, as well as care home residents and relatives.

Dignity Therapy can help patients:  

  • To increase the sense of purpose, belonging and acceptance in illness situation

  • To get over feelings of anxiety, depression and grief

  • To communicate your values and wishes to loved ones, enforce relationships and enable their consideration by care providers

Dignity Therapy can offer strength and orientation to those affected and their relatives, as numerous studies have shown. Decide for yourself which thoughts and memories you would like to capture – for yourself or as a legacy for your relatives and friends.


In Dignity Therapy is a meaningful conversation about the topics most important to you is recorded, transcribed and edited into a document. In a follow-up session, the content is discussed together and the final version created.

Dignity Therapy consists of three sessions:

  1. A preparatory session discussing  the procedure with the participant(s).

  2. An interview session facilitated by a dignity therapist, enabling the patient to reflect and discuss meaningful experiences, relationships and values. An audio recording of the interview is transcribed and edited into a draft document.

  3. The therapist reads the draft document to the patient, together implementing any changes desired. The final version is handed out digitally and on paper for the patient to share with loved ones. 


A Dignity Therapy in Switzerland might be financed completely or partially by the Hatt-Bucher Foundation. Request must be submitted over an organisation, such as a nursing home, Pro Senectute or the social services. In the canton of Zurich, the therapy can be carried out at the patient's home. Included are three sessions, the transcription work, the revision and the creation of the final version. Dignity Therapy can also be offered via video call. 

Would you like to revive, preserve and share meaningful experiences from your past and contribute to the future? Book your personal Dignity Therapy now! 



Drs. Peter Muijres, MA., MSc., PhD. cand.

Psychologist and medical anthropologist 

+41 (0) 79 955 90 90

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